Online Cyber Security Certificate Curriculum

Explore your cyber security courses.

To excel as a cyber security professional, it’s beneficial to have the specialized expertise today’s employers are seeking. That’s why the University of North Dakota has designed four distinct online cyber security certificates, with coursework focused on helping you develop the advanced skills to earn industry certification and grow in your career.

Choose from the following online graduate certificates:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Secure Networks

Each of our certificates consists of three 14-week courses, which can be completed in as little as one year, including breaks between terms.

The nine credits you receive from completing your certificate can also be applied toward our online Master of Science in Cyber Security program. So, if you decide to earn your full master’s at a future date, you’ll already have 25% of the 36 credits needed to graduate.

Students who don’t have a professional background or undergraduate degree in cyber security, computer science or a related discipline may be required to take two 3-credit foundation courses, which can also be applied toward our master’s program.

These additional classes are designed to enhance your knowledge in areas such as linear algebra and Python programming, and to better prepare you for success in the program.

Learn more about the courses you’ll be taking for each certificate:

Computer Forensics Certificate Curriculum

CSCI 557 Computer Forensics 3 Credits
PSYC 525 Insider Threat Analysis 3 Credits
EE 740 Intrusion Detection Algorithms and Tools 3 Credits

Cyber Security Analyst Certificate Curriculum

CSCI 585 Vulnerability Assessment 3 Credits
EE 611 Emerging Threats and Defenses 3 Credits
PSYC 522 Human Factors in Cyber Security 3 Credits

Ethical Hacking Certificate Curriculum

CSCI 487 Penetration Testing 3 Credits
CSCI 567 Secure Software Engineering 3 Credits
CSCI 587 Ethical Hacking 3 Credits

Secure Networks Certificate Curriculum

CSCI 589 Application Layer Security 3 Credits
EE 614 Applied Cryptography 3 Credits
EE 640 Communication Protocols: OSI model and TCP/IP Protocol Stack 3 Credits

Foundation Courses

(for students who don’t have a cyber security background)

EE 601 Analytical Foundations of Cyber Security 3 Credits
EE 602 Computing Foundations of Cyber Security 3 Credits