Kathy Nevins, D.N.P., F.N.P.

Kathy Nevins, D.N.P., F.N.P.


Photo of Kathy Nevins, D.N.P., F.N.P.

Dr. Nevins is a D.N.P.-prepared A.P.R.N. in Family Practice. She practices for Essential Health in Walker, MN, and Park Rapids, MN, with her current focus mostly in Addiction Medicine with Medication-Assisted Treatment for Substance Use Disorders.  She has also practiced in Acute Care and Internal Medicine. She earned her B.A. in Business Education from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, in 1983. The first 20 years of her professional career were spent teaching in the corporate world. She taught adult learners on business related computer applications and software.

Her healthcare career started as a volunteer EMT in a rural community in South Dakota. As an EMT, she was trained to know what to do to get the patient to a higher level of care, but she didn’t learn much about the pathophysiology of disease behind what caused the problem. When bringing a patient into the ER, she asked a lot of questions of the nurses and doctors about what was going on with the patient. The medical staff encouraged her to go back to school, so in 2003, she did! She attended South Dakota State University (SDSU) and earned her BSN in 2007, practicing in hospital nursing on Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics and long-term care. As a Faith Community Nurse, she developed a program for her church in Brookings, SD. She earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice in Family Medicine degree from South Dakota State University in 2013.  Her D.N.P. project was about the use of digital training for AEDs—lots of health promotion, teaching, and online learning evaluation. She has been teaching for 13 years at SDSU, both undergraduate and graduate nursing classes, some online, some classroom, and some in the field for NP students.

She and her husband have five adult children and five grandchildren. They also have two wire-haired pointing griffons that rule the household!

Areas of Expertise

  • Family Practice
  • Acute Care and Walk-In
  • Internal Medicine
  • Substance Abuse and Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Rural Populations

Courses Taught

  • NURS523: Health Promotion
  • NURS605: Health Policy
  • NURS600: Integrated D.N.P. Core Concepts I

Contact Information
Email: kathryn.nevins@und.edu