Master of Accountancy

For Non-Accounting Majors

For career-changers without an undergraduate accounting degree

Our program can prepare you to change or advance your career — with NO bridge courses nor prerequisites required.

In less than two years, students without prior accounting experience or an undergraduate degree in accounting can prepare to take the CPA exam and expand their opportunities through this unique program designed just for them. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to go in a new direction or a workforce veteran considering a career change, an accounting career may be right for you. Accounting is one of the few fields that span every industry and is valuable to every business. That’s why it’s recognized as one of the strongest sectors in the global economy.

Experts are predicting rapid change in the accounting field in the next five years, and the time to prepare is now. To do so, you must understand the fundamentals of accounting and how to integrate them into the modern business landscape. Our online Master of Accountancy program can prepare you for whatever comes next with no prerequisites nor bridge courses required, so you can complete the part-time program in five terms and graduate in as few as 20 months.

“What sealed the deal for me to decide to choose UND was the lack of bridge program for the Fundamentals program. It fit perfectly into my two-year plan while being a part-time program for busy people like me.”

— Laura Pflucker, Online MAcc Student

To learn more about Laura’s experience as a student in UND’s online Master of Accountancy program, click here.

All Undergraduate Majors Accepted

Designed for non‑accounting majors

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No prerequisite or bridge courses required

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What can you learn?

When you speak the language of business, you become an asset to your organization. This is because professionals who understand the principles and core values of accounting can adapt to just about any situation or system.

Build your foundation in accounting with courses in financial accounting and assurance services to join a future-proof profession.

Focus your studies on:

  • Applying accounting principles to complex transactions like deferred taxes, leases and pensions
  • Processes and controls with an emphasis on the financial cycle
  • The role that assurance services play in improving the quality of information and its usefulness for decision‑making
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What can you do?

In a field that’s evolving as quickly as accounting, you have the power to drive decisions and define your role in the profession. How many other careers can offer that?

With the right combination of credentials and experience, you can be in a position to positively contribute to the decision-making process at your organization. Whether it’s a for-profit, nonprofit or government organization, it can rely on you to lead it down the right path.

Qualify for roles including:

  • Financial Statement Auditor
  • Tax Professional
  • Financial Planner
  • Credit Analyst
  • Controller
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