Autonomous Systems Cyber Security Track

Autonomous Systems Cyber Security

From the ocean floor to outer space, autonomous systems are revolutionizing the way people connect, work and live. These systems rely heavily on the internet to access and transmit information. And while this connection is essential, it can also be dangerous. Our master’s in cyber security degree offers an autonomous systems cyber security track so you can keep our hand-free systems safe.

Unauthorized users can identify vulnerabilities and take control of a vehicle, airplane or satellite and cause harm. Consider this: A typical car has around 100 million lines of code and more than 100 electronic control units. If hackers can access this code, they can take control of the vehicle and threaten the lives of its passengers.

The industry needs trained professionals with the confidence and communication skills to safeguard these systems.

Electric power plant station.

What can you learn?

Computerization of formerly manual systems has introduced a new, hands-free lifestyle. While there’s convenience in automation, there’s also a cost: exposure to cyber attacks. You can study topics such as engineering systems reliability and embedded systems design to learn to identify and correct vulnerabilities that can threaten lives.

Our cyber security master’s degree focused on autonomous systems will help you understand the basics of autonomous systems and their security challenges. You can play a leading role in possible solutions that guide the design of secure autonomous systems.

Focus your studies on:

  • Embedded systems design
  • Reliability engineering systems
  • Uncertainty quantifications
  • Systems engineering
  • Human-automation interactions
  • Software engineering
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What can you do?

Fighting attacks on automated machines is complex. That’s why the people charged with this task need the skills to establish system frameworks that control access levels and develop security awareness protocols.

When you specialize your cyber security master’s degree in autonomous systems, you have the unique opportunity to impact the future of autonomy and do so in a leadership position.

Qualify for roles including:

  • Autonomous Systems Security Analyst
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Architect
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