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Our online degree programs are designed for you.

Your motivation for returning to school is unique. Maybe it’s a personal goal, or a degree is essential for professional growth. So what’s holding you back — time, finances, location? Our online degrees are designed for today’s working professionals. You can learn when and where you want, in full confidence, knowing that UND is recognized for providing a top return on investment.

Choose UND and earn a high-quality, affordable education. Thanks to the flexibility and convenience of online learning at UND, it’s possible to integrate school into your already full life.

Why UND online?

The University of North Dakota was founded more than 130 years ago, but unlike most higher education institutions west of the Mississippi, our focus was not on agriculture. It was on arts and sciences. We take great pride in our history, community and work ethic. To us, the best way to get things done is to roll up our sleeves and meet the challenge head-on.

This mindset has helped us evolve into an internationally recognized research institution — with innovation at the heart of everything we do. And it can help you evolve into a dynamic leader.

Our reputation, paired with more than 120 online degree and certificate programs, has encouraged students from around the world to explore more than 225 fields of study every year. With a low student-faculty ratio, you can work closely with experts in the field and graduate equipped with the insights to lead and the tools to make a tangible impact.

UND has awarded numerous scholarships to online students, so if you would like to find out which scholarships you might qualify for, visit Scholarship Central, our scholarship database. You can also estimate your tuition and fees using our tuition calculator.

Introducing our featured online programs.

We know how quickly the demand for trained professionals changes. That’s why we’re expanding our suite of online degree programs. Each program helps you strengthen in-demand skills so you can position yourself as a top candidate in today’s competitive landscape.

Online Master of Science in Cyber Security

Recent attacks against high-profile companies like Yahoo and Target — as well as the Colonial Pipeline — have reinforced the importance of cyber security to help prevent catastrophic losses. Our online Master of Science in Cyber Security program features stackable certificates so you can build and customize your degree based on your goals and interests. All students take coursework in the Cyber Security Analyst certificate track, and then choose two of the following options: Ethical HackingComputer Forensics or Secure Networks. Each track is designed to prepare you for specific industry certification exams so you can further enhance your marketability in the field.

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Professional female cyber security analyst looks up from her tablet as she walks through a server farm.

Online Cyber Security Certificates

As we rely more and more on computer systems and technology, we risk leaving our privacy and data vulnerable to increasingly harmful cyber attacks. With your 100% online cyber security graduate certificate, you can be part of the solution with a streamlined path toward master’s-level skills that can help you counteract digital threats — or stop them before they happen.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in cyber security and are ready for the next step in your education and career, start here. Enhance your skills and knowledge with one of four in-demand graduate certificates: Computer Forensics, Cyber Security Analyst, Ethical Hacking, or Secure Networks. These nine-credit certificates comprise just three 14-week courses, and you can apply the credits you earn toward a future Master of Science in Cyber Security.

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Online Master of Accountancy for Non-Accounting Majors

Ready to shift into a more rewarding career? Our online Master of Accountancy program is designed for students who do not have an accounting bachelor’s degree nor previous accounting experience — with no bridge nor prerequisite courses required. Focus on the fundamentals of accounting as you build your analytics skills and gain knowledge about topics ranging from auditing to taxation with your master’s degree.

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Nurse with a patient

Online Nursing Programs

You became a nurse to make a difference. Now, you’re ready to do more. Our online Master of Science with a Major in Nursing programs are designed for nurses like you who want to specialize their knowledge to improve outcomes. You can specialize your degree in one of two tracks: Family Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

If your nursing experience has led you to develop aspirations of improving health care systems and patient outcomes, you can expand your current role in the field with our online Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

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Woman counseling a female patient

Online Master of Counseling & Post-Graduate Certificate

There are so many ways to influence better outcomes as a counselor, and with the online Master of Arts in Counseling program from the University of North Dakota you can learn to identify new methods for supporting mental health, personal development and positive habits for diverse individuals and groups.

Choose from four tracks and specialize your skills in K-12 School Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Community Mental Health Counseling or Rehabilitation Counseling. A stand-alone online post-graduate certificate in K-12 School Counseling is another option for those seeking to change or focus their specialty.

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