Klaus Cavalhieri, Ph.D.

Klaus Cavalhieri, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Klaus Cavalhieri, Ph.D.

Dr. Klaus Cavalhieri is an associate professor whose research focuses broadly on multicultural issues in psychology. He earned his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Southern Illinois University–Carbondale.

His primary areas of interest include social class and classism, race and racism, and violence against women — emphasizing the impact of marginalization and the resilience of oppressed groups. It is his hope that his research is both critical and socially responsible, so it can guide policies and promote social change.

Training Interests

  • Multicultural psychology
  • Counseling theories and skill-building
  • Clinical supervision

Research and Scholarly Interests

  • Social class and classism
  • Race and racism
  • Violence against women
  • Health psychology

Clinical Interests

  • Eating disorders and body image issues
  • Mood and anxiety disorders
  • Grief
  • Humanistic therapies (e.g., EFT, Gestalt, person-centered)

Email: klaus.cavalhieri@UND.edu
Phone: 701.777.4391

Publications and Presentations

  • Cavalhieri, K. E., & Chwalisz, K. (2020). Development and initial validation of the Perceived Classism Experiences Scale. The Counseling Psychologist, 48(3), 310-341. 
  • Alves, C. D. B., & Cavalhieri, K. E. (2020). “Mongering is a weird life sometimes”: Discourse analysis of a sex buyer online community. Violence Against Women. Advance Online Publication. https://doi.org/10.1177/1077801220930820
  • Cavalhieri, K. E. (2020). Education is freedom: Liberation psychology and social class critical consciousness. In Cavalhieri, K. (Chair), Wilcox, M., & Pietrantonio, K., Social class and liberation psychology: Implications for training. Symposium to be presented at the 2020 Counseling Psychology Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • Cavalhieri, K. E., & Chacko, T. P. (2020). Liberation psychology as a framework for decolonization and social justice. In B. J. Hwang (Chair), Decolonizing psychological approaches by international psychologists. Symposium to be presented at the 2020 Counseling Psychology Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • Cavalhieri, K. E. (2020). Internationalization of counseling psychology: Liberation psychology and critical consciousness. In J. Lee (Chair). Internationalization and Liberation in Psychology: Contributions from International Psychologists. Symposium presented at the 2020 American Psychological Association Convention, Washington, D.C.
  • Greer, T. M., & Cavalhieri, K. E. (2019). The role of coping strategies in understanding the effects of institutional racism on mental health outcomes for African American men. Journal of Black Psychology, 45(5), 405-433doi: 10.1177/0095798419868105
  • Cavalhieri, K. E., Chwalisz, K., & Greer, T. M. (2019). The role of self-efficacy in the relationship between discrimination and health care utilization among college students in the United States. Journal of Health and Social Sciences, 4(3), 373-388. doi: 10.19204/2019/thrl6
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