Tamba-Kuii Bailey, Ph.D.

Tamba-Kuii Bailey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor; Co-Coordinator of On-Campus Master of Arts in Counseling Program

Photo of Tamba-Kuii Bailey, Ph.D.

Dr. Tamba-Kuii Bailey is an assistant professor and assistant vice provost for equity and inclusion, bringing a diverse set of interests that are grounded both in academic and real-world insight. He earned his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Georgia State University.

As a mentor, role model and champion for social justice and equality, his professional standards provide a template that can help guide students toward the practical application of ethics and laws, clinical supervision, diagnosis, counseling methods, psychopathology and treatment.

Training Interests

  • Ethics and laws
  • Clinical supervision
  • Diagnosis, psychopathology and treatment
  • Counseling methods

Research and Scholarly Interests

  • Internalized racial oppression
  • Racial oppression and mental health functioning
  • Black psychology
  • Multicultural psychology

Clinical Interests

  • Interpersonal theory
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Multicultural and feminist counseling
  • Person-centered therapy

Email: tambakuii.bailey@UND.edu
Phone: 701.777.2443